Gouvernement du Canada



totale    agricole       superficie
        m km2                    moyenne  
Russie  17.10 km2 
Canada   9.98 km2   648,127 km2  3.15 km2 
US       9.63 km2 
EU       4.49 km2 1,750,000 km2  16.1ha 0.161 km2



On CETA and Wallonia

  • Politico.eu, ‘White smoke’ on EU-Canada trade deal breakthrough,
    Belgians want European Court of Justice to test the legality of tribunal system in EU-Canada deal. (Art 218§11 TFEU), published on 27/10/2016.
  • RTBF.be, Voici le texte de l’accord intra-belge sur le CETA, published on 27/10/2016.
  • FT.com, Patience on Ceta deal pays off, and today may prove us right Premium,
    « But the most relevant point is that both Canada and the EU have well-functioning court systems that can protect investors’ rights against unfair expropriation. […] And that, in turn, may prove to all sides that if ISDS shapes up to be an insurmountable obstacle to Ceta ratification, then both Canada and the EU could and should agree to simply excise it from the treaty altogether. », published on 28/10/2016.
  • EuroIntelligence.com, Ceta signed, but real drama yet to come,
    « The purpose of the ISDS is to protect investors against nationalisation and expropriation. While we understand these concerns, we find it hard to accept that a separate legal systems needs to be created to address this issue. », published on 31/10/2016.


On globalisation



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